Our Mission


Education Support for underprivileged children,victims of farmer suicideand children affected with autism


This project provides high-quality education sponsorship for underprivileged studying from K-12th grade.We will provide educational support to the kids who are victims of farmer suicide living in extreme poverty.These deprived children are good at studies but struggling for timely education support, due to children parents are working as full time  in small farms or daily wage labors etc. These underprivileged children struggling for timely education support like notebooks, uniforms, clothes, shoes, pens, pencils, school fee etc.

A significant number of children come from backward communities. These communities face widespread discrimination.Every child deserves an opportunity to learn and succeed in life, regardless of gender, caste, and religion. Our program gives children a chance to break the cycle of poverty.



This project will allow children to be bold to study well, self-reliant to achieve goals in their bright future. Our goal is to improve access & quality of education for children through enrollment of deprived children in schools & regular attendance, sponsor their school fees, provide uniforms, shoes, school supplies & educational material.Additionally, we will pay special attention to educate the girls and their enrollment in schools. It provides bright future for all the deprived children.


Long-Term Impact

The project will provide an excellent education and opportunities to these underprivileged children for holistic growth and development, which will put them on the path toward breaking the pervasive cycles of poverty in their communities and also have bright future in their career.

Especially Destitute Girl Children will be protected from Child marriages, trafficking, domestic servant maids.

This project creates a chance to lead good career in their professional lives.


Punjab Foundation is a pioneer in promotion of Livelihood, child education, Women Empowerment, gender equality, human rights issues for the marginalized & deprived sections of the Rural community.

Financially wasteful expenditure arising from unnecessary and even harmful social practices must be discouraged; this includes matters ranging from alcohol use to dowry gifts and large wedding spending. Savings should be encouraged, and saving instruments should be devised for the farming population